Thursday, June 12, 2008

One Month!

Well today marks one month into my piano journey! I've been probably averaging somewhere around 2 hrs daily and haven't yet missed a day. I've been moving thru my book: Alfred's Adult All-In-One Course pretty quickly and I'm very happy with my pace.

Today, as an experiment, without looking at or practicing them, I played a set from memory. Just had a piece of paper with the song titles and played the following continuously and in this order:

When the Saints Go Marching In (2 versions)
We Three Kings
Standing In the Need of Prayer
Alpine Melody
Lavender's Blue
Micael Row the Boat Ashore
Blow the Man Down
Lone Star Waltz
Cafe Vienna
Rock It Away
Cockles and Mussels....

The set lasted about 12 minutes and there were of course a few errors, but not many, it went pretty smoothly. I'm pretty proud that only a month into it and I had that many songs that I could pull from memory without practicing them, and with only a short gap before starting. Afterwards I played Lullaby and Chasing the Blues Away from memory, but I didn't have them in my set because I didn't think I had them memorized haha.....

So all in all I'm very happy with today. I'm only a month into it and making good progress. It will be very interesting to see where I'm at next year at this time.

As an aside: I've done some more research and I'm thinking I can get a decent recording setup for much cheaper so I'll be looking into that further.


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