Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Still Pressin' Those Keys.....

Still goin strong every day, haven't missed one yet. Just finished my 2nd practice session of the day and got to thinking........I don't write in this thing enough. Even if it is essentially me talking to myself with a couple others overhearing, I gotta keep track of my progress, that's kinda the point.

Moving thru my Alfred's book pretty quickly. In the past week I've come across at least 4 blues songs and I'm loving 'em. Thinkin I may pick up a blues lesson book here in the next month or so.

Biggest issue I'm having right now is strain in my right wrist. Fell on it real hard this winter while snowboarding and it still hasn't fully healed. Trying to be careful with it, stretching it, rolling it, praying for it, etc. haha.....

Ok, bed time, job interview tomorrow......then after it's off to Best Buy to see if they have the cheap audio cables I'm looking for (Radio Shack didn't)....I just gotta remind myself to keep updating even if I can't find those cables!


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